We work daily to satisfy each and every one of our customers, seeking to offer a wide range of olive oils, derivatives and other vegetable oils from the most diverse origins, always carefully analysed and with guaranteed quality control.


We have contacts and partnerships with renowned laboratories that allow us to evaluate and analyse the products available for sale and purchase in a short period of time, in order meet the needs of our clients. We only work with suppliers who guarantee quality and food safety.


We have a team with strong commercial skills and extensive knowledge of the markets in which we operate so we can offer the best business solutions for each product at any time.


We have several buying and selling solutions throughout the year, which allows us to buy and sell quickly and efficiently, always satisfying our customer.


We work with logistics companies which allow us to deliver and collect samples in record time all over the world. Whenever necessary, we are present on the loads and deliveries of the products we transact. We have a wide range of contacts with transport companies (by land and sea) that assure us the possibility of offering efficient and safe logistic solutions, either by sea or by land, by truck, flexi-tank, IBC or any other format that may be required.


We concern responsibility for the conformity at all levels of the products we trade.

This way, any quality, documentation or logistic issue related to a product traded by Oiliving will have the necessary after sales support and certain resolution.